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Membership in the association is voluntary, but strongly encouraged, because our membership strength enables us to be effective in providing services. If you are currently a member, thank you for your support. If you are a resident of Sherwood Forest and not presently a member of SFCA, we urge you to join with your neighbors.  To join and become an association member, simply download and complete the short membership application form below,

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Stay abreast of all the important news and opportunities that affect the residents of Sherwood Forest by subscribing to our FREE monthly newsletter and and informative periodic bulletins. We also publish articles of interest in our association blog that include important polls and surveys regarding decisions that can affect our community.  Click the “ENROLL NOW” button above and complete the registration form.

Please click the image above and print the downloadable PDF Membership Application form.  When completed, mail the form along with your enclosed payment to:
Sherwood Forest Citizens’ Association
P.O. Box 45142
Baton Rouge, LA 70895-4142

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